Why Swiftpak for
Pharmaceutical packaging?

We combine exceptional protection & security with the high-quality presentation your brands deserve. Swiftpak’s mix of ISO-certified processes and personal attention to detail are vital to guarantee you peace of mind. We provide reliable and fast support day-in, day-out. Our highly personal service is designed to go the extra mile and to make sure you receive all products on time every time.

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Lab test tubes

The service we receive from Swiftpak is excellent.

Purchasing Manager, Leading German Manufacturer of Domestic Appliances

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Some of our pharmaceutical & chemical solutions

Paper protection for your products

The PAPERplus® Papillon is a machine that creates paper padding to protect packaged goods in small and medium-sized parcels. Almost any protective packaging problem can be solved efficiently with paper padding. The Papillon can help keep your pharmaceuticals safe if transit and ensure that your highly sensitive products arrive in peak condition.

Tape for a clean environment

In sterile environments Zerotape 500 is the ideal solution due to its plastic core. With Zerotape there is no risk of losing natural fibres in a clean room. Additionally, the tape is longer and stronger than conventional tapes while also being suitable for refrigeration. 

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